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  • Anna Betts - Week 1 (2014) - Self Portrait

    Anna Betts – Week 1 (2014) – Self Portrait

    Country: Cambodia

    Joined 52Frames: January, 2013
    Website: www.annabellabetts.com
    Favorite Color: Green

    What makes you passionate about photography?

    Creating art and images pleasing to the eye. I like to focus on the positive in life and around us, creating memories for myself and others, getting close to nature and discovering new angles of familiar things and places. I like that so much can be told by one single frame.

    Whose photography most inspires you in 52Frames and why?

    I admire Yosef and Shai for taking the group from something small to where it is today and where it will be in the months and years to come. Aside from their commitment to govern something now so large I also do appreciate their photography.

    Other names stand out on weekly basis such as Rudi B for his elaborate works so far from my own approach to taking photos, Kái Jài for showing us his part of the world in vivid colours, Doreen Hoerold for sexying up the grey England I remember and her sometimes saucy and provocative photos, and many many others – please don’t consider this a closed list, we’d be here for a while!

    Consistent contributors also have my kudos for continuing despite their busy lives and sometimes challenging themes. I have missed the work of Jeree Seeley recently and hope she will be back! And I am sure there will be tons of masterpieces with all the new faces now! I can’t wait to see what Mark Burban shows us – he is an old friend of mine from Melbourne and his work is awesome.

    What’s in your camera bag?

    • My trusty Canon 7D
    • Canon 10-22 wide angle
    • Canon 50mm
    • Sometimes I throw in a bit of a zoom with Canon 24-105.

    In a little while I will be a proud owner of the Fuji X100T compact which will be my constant companion and a trusty second light body on shoots.

    What’s the last great tip you learned? 

    Forget naming your folders according to the activity and /or location… simply import by DATE. Our lives are dictated by time, so dates make perfect sense even if you don’t memorise events by dates.
    The rest is handled by meticulous keywording which has to be done on import of all files. Even though it sounds daunting and confusing, trust me, it’s the best thing since sliced bread! Finding things is easy if you introduce immediate keywording into your workflow, you will never lose a photo or struggle to find it!
    And always back up and then back up again. Yes, back up. Did I forget to tell you to back up? Back up!
    Finally, watch tutorials and learn, everyday is a school day for most of us.

    What are your 3 favorite shots you’ve submitted to 52Frames? What makes them your favorite? 

    1. Movie – because it was so much fun shooting this and it won the album cover

    Anna Betts - Week 18 (2014)  - Movie

    Anna Betts – Week 18 (2014) – Movie

    2. Action – because I actually learned how to do zoom blur on that day

    Anna Betts - Week 18 (2014) - Action

    Anna Betts – Week 18 (2014) – Action

    3. Wet – because watering pugs is fun, even more so on a hot day!

    Anna Betts - Week 27 (2014) - Wet

    Anna Betts – Week 27 (2014) – Wet

    What advice would you give someone just starting out in photography?

    So you like taking photos? Fantastic! Don’t let those guys (and it IS mostly guys) with big cameras and even bigger lenses intimidate you. We all know that it’s not cameras but people taking those shots we admire. Sure, good gear is absolutely an advantage but great images have been created with basic smart phones and simple point and shoot cameras, too. Keep on doing what you are doing with the gear that you have, that’s the only way you can improve.
    Learn, read, watch tutorials, expose yourself to what inspires you.
    Shoot RAW if you can and learn how to edit.
    Start with following the rules and then break them.
    Understand your strengths and be proud of them. Work on your weaknesses.

    Equally, know that no photographer is good at everything so find what works for you, and keep improving. It’s mostly about fun and learning something new here and there.
    Life is serious enough, so don’t become one of those “serious photographers”!

    Favorite hobby outside of photography?

    Nature, hiking, cycling and ummm wine drinking.


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