It's Week #45: Birds-eye

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At some point in life, we’ve probably all looked up at a bird flying overhead and wondered what the world looked like from up there. This week, your challenge is to change your view to that of the bird! Look at life straight down, and see the world like a bird! Or you know, Superman…

Tips and Tuts for this week:

  • Birds-eye is similar to a challenge we had earlier this year “shoot from above” but a bit more specific! In our “shoot from above” challenge, you could shoot a landscape or panorama from high up, but this week, birds-eye, we’re looking for that very unique angle of shooting straight down.
  • Birds-eye does not have to be from very high up! Any shot that is looking directly down at the subject is considered a birds-eye shot.
  • Think of your usual perspective. We typically look at things straight on, or maybe at a slight downward angle. Take something that you’d normally look at, and look at it from right above!

Looking for more inspiration? Check out “Shot From Above” from 2013, “From Where I Stand” from 2014, “Extreme Angle” from 2015, and “Shoot From Above” from 2016! And of course, The Googles! Oh you sweet Googles.

Extra Credit: “20 Stories or higher!

For some extra credit joojoo, go allllllll the way up to get your shot! Find a tall building, hop in the elevator, and head for the top! 

Check out the Googles for some more inspiration. 

Remember, it is not necessary to keep this Extra Credit challenge in mind while shooting. It’s extra credit!

*Please note!! You can only submit ONE photo per week, for the week’s challenge. This photo can include the “Extra Credit” part of the challenge, or the “regular” challenge, but you can never submit more than one photo!

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