It's Week #46: Extreme Angle

To be shot and submitted between Sunday, Nov 8 and Sunday, Nov 15 (noon, Eastern)

Tips and Tuts for this week:

  • Get low! Get high! Take a moment and look at a scene in front of you, and figure out a unique way to shoot it!

Check out some still-frames from popular films to see how you can manipulate a certain emotion, using unique angles:

Can you tell which movies these are from?? Let us know in the discussion group!

Looking for more inspiration? Check out two of our albums from 2013: Shot from Above, and Shot from Below. And, of course, The Googles.

Extra Credit: Use a “Fisheye” Lens

For some extra credit joojoo, use a fish-eye lens to get your shot. Fish eye lenses generally give you an extremely wide range of view, but comes with heavy distortion. You can use this to your advantage to get a really unique shot. Check out the Googles for some inspiration.



Remember, it is not necessary to work in this Extra Credit piece. It’s extra credit!

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