It's Week #16: Food

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From instagram to restaurant menus, food photography has gained much prominence in the last decade. It’s a photographic skill that’s quite helpful to have in your toolbelt, and will teach you a lot about light and color in the process.

 Tips and Tuts:

  • Think of your subject as a whole scene. You aren’t shooting pumpkin pie; you are shooting quality time with your cousins in Uncle Rick’s cabin, on an unseasonably warm October day. Have wooden accessories and pine cones garnishing the scene. Perhaps you want to zoom out and show the family eating the pie and laughing together. It’s not just the food.
  • Light light light! The most important aspect of food photography is the light on your subject. Pro tip: use a window during the daytime. You will automatically get some beautiful light on your subject.
  • Color color color! As important as light is your color palette. Remember your complementary colors. The napkins should be complementing the food. Whether it’s the same color, style, or a complementary color, everything in the scene should interact with each other in a pleasing manner.
  • Go with a wide aperture. Set your aperture, if you can, to something like 2.0 and grab focus on a juicy slice of goodness in the foreground. It will create some refreshing depth in your image and make everything look oh so good.
  • Some links: Enhance your instaworld, blow your mind, be inspired, get tips here, here, and here.

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Extra Credit: Share your favorite recipe!

For some extra credit joojoo, share your favorite recipes with the community in your photo description (if you need more characters, just link to a website or a google doc). This isn’t actually a photography extra credit, I just thought it would be a fun activity for the community (and I’m looking for more recipes). I also highly recommend getting the “Yummly” app for your phone. It’s designed well, it’s simple, and has some great recipes! 🙂

Remember, it is not necessary to work in this Extra Credit piece. It’s extra credit!

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