It's Week #41: Freeze the Action

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Well, every photo is really a moment froze in time, but this challenge refers to capturing a scene with movement. Using a fast shutter speed will allow the viewer to witness detail in a scene that might not be possible to the naked eye in “realtime”, such as the water photo above. Capturing movement with a slow shutter speed will create a surreal, artistic feel, that will exaggerate the movement in your photo.

Tips and Tuts for this week:

  • First thing first, look for some action to freeze! The entire world is in motion, so go and explore a bit and see if you can catch something unusual!
  • Try out some panning photography. In this case, the object that is moving should stay sharp, while the background will be blurred. Remember, blur does not mean bad! Check out this super cool tutorial (with examples!)
  • There are various ways to freeze the action in photography, one of them is using a fast shutter speed (hint, hint, EC). Just remember then that for your photo to come out nice and sharp, you are going to have to make sure that there is enough light (Quick Tip: Shoot OUTSIDE while the sun is shining bright).
  • If you do NOT have enough light, you can freeze the action using a lower shutter speed together with your flash. Here is an interesting video explaining this.
Looking for more inspiration? Check out “Freeze The Action” from 2015! And of course, The Googles! Oh you sweet Googles.

Extra Credit: “1/4000th of a second”

For some extra credit joojoo, set your shutter speed to a crazy fast 1/4000th of a second! Using this high shutter speed will allow you to capture a single drop of water falling, or a bee flying through the air, or that moment someone hits the finish line of a race!

If this is a new technique to you, consider putting your camera in “Tv” or “S” mode, and setting your shutter to 1/4000, and shoot in the midday sun. You may have to adjust your ISO higher if it’s still too dark.

Check out the Googles for some more inspiration. 


Remember, it is not necessary to keep this Extra Credit challenge in mind while shooting. It’s extra credit!

*Please note!! You can only submit ONE photo per week, for the week’s challenge. This photo can include the “Extra Credit” part of the challenge, or the “regular” challenge, but you can never submit more than one photo!

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