It's Week #10: Kiss

red-bird-blank-sign see the album

Ooooooohhhhh [said like kid on a playground]. Love is in the air this week in 52Framesland!! See how you fair in crafting a unique story around this week’s challenge, kiss!

Tips and Tuts:

  • Don’t freak out! It needn’t be obvious. Think outside the box, or as we say in 52F, lose the box! A few cute ideas come to mind as I type this: Sun-kissed, Hershey’s kiss, kiss of death, implying a kiss –use your imagination!!
  • Wedding photographers know this theme very well. You may find more success in capturing a moment just before a kiss (see above), rather than capturing a lip-locked, nose-smushed mess.

Looking for more inspiration? Lot of kissing in this album, and of course, The Googles

Extra Credit: A Stranger

For some extra credit joojoo, kiss a stranger! No no, it needn’t be that (though it could, just sayin!) Utilize a stranger (or 2) in your photo. Could be a candid shot of a couple kissing in the park, or better yet, ask a couple you don’t know to kiss in front of your camera. Feeling ambitious? See if you can get two strangers to kiss each other (EVERYONE would be a stranger in this situation), woohoo!! 52Frames is not responsible for any colds or flu; maybe bring some Vitamin-C with you before this exercise.

Check out the Googles for some more inspiration.

Remember, it is not necessary to work in this Extra Credit piece. It’s extra credit!

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