It's Week #7: Lines

Your photograph this week does not have to be “about” lines – but it should demonstrate a close attention to how lines build a composition. In particular, see if you can incorporate some “leading lines” – though it’s not required. Leading lines are simply lines in your photograph that draw the viewer’s eye to the photo’s subject. They usually “come in” from outside the frame; often from a corner, but not necessarily.

Feel free to construct a scene, or simply wander about looking for naturally occurring lines. Once you start keeping an eye out for them, you’ll begin to notice them everywhere!

Tips and Tuts:

Looking for more inspiration? Check out our previous albums, Lines (2015) and 2013. And of course, The Googles

Extra Credit: 4+ Leading Lines

For some extra credit joojoo, see if you can incorporate 4 or more leading lines in your image. They needn’t all be from the corners. This will generally make for a dramatic composition!

Check out the Googles for some more inspiration.

Remember, it is not necessary to work in this Extra Credit piece. It’s extra credit!

red-bird-blank-sign see the album

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