It's Week #14: Negative Space

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One of my favorite challenges in 52Frames, that always yields a really stunning album of photos. Negative space is simply the space around a subject, usually taking up more of the frame than the subject itself. It’s a great way of giving “space” to your subject, and creates a very interesting balance in composition.
Negative space is a great tool to have, because even when you aren’t composing for it, keeping it in mind will help you to pay attention to a clean background, and a distraction-free subject.

Tips and Tuts:

Looking for more inspiration? Check out our previous albums, from 2015, and 2014, and of course, The Googles! 


Extra Credit: Street Photography!

For some extra credit joojoo, go out and capture some negative space on the street. It’s a very clever way of composing, and will really add to your street photography creativity!

Check out the Googles for some more inspiration. 

Remember, it is not necessary to work in this Extra Credit piece. It’s extra credit!

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