It's Week #9: Negative Space

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This one of our favorite challenges over in 52Framesland. Quite simply, negative space is the space surrounding the subject of your photo, typically taking up more space than the subject itself. It’s a great way of giving “space” to your subject, and creates a very interesting balance in composition.
Negative space is a great tool to have, because even when you aren’t composing for it, keeping it in mind will help you to pay attention to a clean background, and a distraction-free subject.


Tips and Tuts for this week:

Looking for more inspiration? Check out our “Negative Space” albums from 2014, 2015, and2016! And of course, The Googles! Oh you sweet Googles. 





Extra Credit: Shoot with Film

For some extra credit joojoo, shoot your photo with a film camera! Yes, we do mean actual film. You have 7 whole days to shoot, process, and scan your masterpiece! It may not be easy, and not everyone has access to a film camera, but don’t worry, that’s why it’s EXTRA credit!

Check out The Googles for more inspiration!!


Remember, it is not necessary to keep this Extra Credit challenge in mind while shooting. It’s extra credit!

*Please note!! You can only submit ONE photo per week, for the week’s challenge. This photo can include the “Extra Credit” part of the challenge, or the “regular” challenge, but you can never submit more than one photo!

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