It's Week #44: An Ordinary Moment

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Our lives are made up of millions and millions of little moments. So many of these seem ordinary or insignificant, but without them, we likely would not be the people we are. This week, your challenge is to go out there, and capture those ordinary moments that makes a life what is is. Go out and find the beauty in the those little moments!

Tips and Tuts for this week:

  • Look around you, and focus on things that you ordinarily might not notice. Look at a group of friends enjoying a drink together. At a couple embracing before heading their separate ways. At someone laughing at something that was told to them over the phone.
  • Just because it seems mundane, doesn’t mean it is! There is so much beauty to be found in the little moments of your daily life. Show them off!
  • Moments do not have to include people! Try focusing on the suds in a load of laundry, or the piled up dishes after dinner. Check out some more inspiration here

Looking for more inspiration? Check out “Ritual” from 2015! And of course, The Googles! Oh you sweet Googles.

Extra Credit: “Street Photography”

For some extra credit joojoo, try hitting the streets to get your photo! There are tons of everyday, ordinary moments happening out in the world, try wondering around in your city to capture some of them!

Check out the Googles (or our previous Street Photography challenge) for some more inspiration. 

Remember, it is not necessary to keep this Extra Credit challenge in mind while shooting. It’s extra credit!

*Please note!! You can only submit ONE photo per week, for the week’s challenge. This photo can include the “Extra Credit” part of the challenge, or the “regular” challenge, but you can never submit more than one photo!

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