It's Week #2: Rule of Thirds

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It’s time for one of the most basic rules in photography, the Rule of Thirds! This is usually one of the first rules taught in photography, and I think it helps to frame the way you look at a scene in front of you (ie – makes you think!)

I personally don’t rely on this rule much, but it goes without saying that there are no “rules” in photography, there are just guidelines! So why is this the second challenge of the year you ask? Well, I think it’s a great foundational exercise that forces you to think about your composition, and more specifically about “balance” in your photos.

Tips and Tuts for this week:

  • This rule refers to the intersecting points on the guideline grid, and keeping the important parts of your image along the lines of the grid, making your photo more balacned and pleasing to look at.
  • Check out this awesome video from “Web Video Crew”, simply explaining this basic rule!
  • A great point mentioned in the video is to keep your subject looking “into the frame!”Notice how the surfer is on the right side of the frame and facing left, as is the truck. The composition is such that there’s “room” for the surfer to surf ‘into,’ or the truck to drive ‘into,’ Pay mind to where your subject is “looking” and give space in the frame accordingly.
  • Remember these two questions. What are the points of interest in the shot? Where am I intentionally placing them?

Looking for more inspiration? Check out “Rule of Thirds” from 2013 and 2016! And of course, The Googles! Oh you sweet Googles.

Extra Credit: “1/2000th or faster

For some extra credit joojoo, set your shutter speed to a super fast 1/2000th of a second! This crazy fast speed will allow you to capture the tiniest of movements, which would otherwise just look like a blur, like a splash of water, or the wings of a hummingbird!

A few tips for shooting at high speeds: Open your aperture as wide as you can, lower your ISO as low as possible (raise if your photo is too dark), and try to shoot in a light environment, as your shot will be captured very quickly!

Check out The Googles for more inspiration!!


Remember, it is not necessary to keep this Extra Credit challenge in mind while shooting. It’s extra credit!

*Please note!! You can only submit ONE photo per week, for the week’s challenge. This photo can include the “Extra Credit” part of the challenge, or the “regular” challenge, but you can never submit more than one photo!

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