Week #1: Self-Portrait

To be shot and submitted between Sunday, Dec 28 and Sunday, Jan 4 (noon, Eastern)

It’s become tradition here at 52Frames to start the year with the Self-Portrait challenge. It’s a great way to dive into something quite personal and vulnerable, as well being a great introduction to all the participants (an extreme ice breaker, if you will).

Self-portraits are the absolute best way to improve your photography. You have yourself an available model 24/7, a model with endless patience and usually the curious drive to go ahead and try new things. Push yourself to ‘tell your story’, and let yourself be vulnerable to the process; you’ll grow because of it.


Tips and Tuts for this week:


  • We found a great post by Tristan Jud, over at his blog, called 11 Tips for Shooting Self Portraits and Some Inspiration.

    In it, he goes over the basic gear that will help you out:

    • Tripod
    • Remote
    • Lighting
    • Computer to tether

    … As well as some other important tips to consider, such as telling your story, trying something new, and having fun!

Looking for more inspiration? this great post on Tutsplus and this photographer’s “selfie” project.

Extra Credit: “Tell Your Story”

One of our ‘3 tenets’ of taking a good photograph (you’ll hear more about this soon!): Tell a story. Take a photo with intention. In this case, craft your image to tell *your* story. Perhaps some meaningful objects in the background, or take a photo in your work surroundings. Whatever your story is, make that the intention of the composition, with you being the subject inside that ‘frame.’

Again, it is not necessary to work in this Extra Credit piece. It’s extra credit!