It's Week #52: "52Frames: What I've Learned"

To be shot and submitted between Sunday, Dec 20 and Sunday, Dec 27 (noon, Eastern)

Photo Credit: Sean Campbell РWeek 47: Portrait (2014)

Tips and Tuts for this week:

So usually the last week of the year, I make the challenge “Artist’s Choice” or “Wild Card” where you can choose whatever you like! But this year, I thought why not showcase something that we’ve specifically learned this year by participating in the project, or better yet, redo a photo that we’ve done this year, and look to improve it.

So often, I setup up my shot very quickly (hey, I’ve been doing this for 5 years straight!), or I try something for the first time, and after posting it, I always say that I’d love to try the concept again after learning what I’ve learned!

Well, this week we can all take pause and get back to a concept that we really enjoyed, (or really DIDN’T enjoy) and see if we can do one better. Go and take a look at your photos that you’ve shot for 52Frames this year, and see which ones jump out at you. Extra points if you can clearly see improvement as the year progresses!

Do-overs are a rarity in life. Take advantage of this week’s challenge and do something more than just “out of the box”.

Lose the box.

Here’s to a boxless 2016!


PS – If you are just joining us, and don’t really have what to look back on, do not worry! Just go ahead and have fun with this week’s theme and consider it an “Artist’s Choice” for you. You’ll hit up this challenge more properly next year ūüėČ

(Header Photo Credit: Sean Campbell РWeek 47: Portrait 2014)
(“Lose the Box”¬†¬©Dena Bailey)

Extra Credit: Recreate a Shot

For some extra credit joojoo, choose a specific shot of yours from this year, and look to improve on it. It could also just be a shot that you really enjoyed and want to take again, whether you improve on it or not, the exercising in recreating a shot you’ve done already is an incredibly useful trick for improving your photography!

Remember, it is¬†not necessary¬†to work in this Extra Credit piece. It’s extra credit!

Have a challenge idea for 2016?