Just getting started with a new camera?

In this Beginner’s Guide to Photography, we have put together the most important subjects a photographer needs to learn after unboxing their fancy-shmancy camera. We asked ourselves what subjects we wish we had learned when just starting out, and then culled the interwebs and gleaned the best, most concise tutorials for your knowledge receptors. If we couldn’t find something suitable, we made it ourselves.

Take the time to read through this guide, and we promise that you will begin to understand the foundations of photography. Soon, you will be able to take ownership of scary terms like “Av” and “ISO,” and just have fun with your new craft!

We’re proud to present this simple, concise program, to every budding photog that comes through our door. So get educated, and get going.

What are you waiting for?

Alyssa Weiss - Week 19 (2013): Imperfection
Alyssa Weiss – Week 19 (2013): Imperfection

Table of Contents

Section II: Focus

  1. Auto Modes: How Your Camera Focuses (Coming Soon!)
  2. Manual: When and How to Focus Like a Boss (Coming Soon!)

Section III: Exposure

  1. Exposure Compensation: Quickly Control Your Exposure
  2. Metering Modes: How Your Camera Understands Light
  3. Shutter Speed: Freeze the Action or Let it Blur (Coming Soon!)
  4. Aperture: Get that Bright Beautiful Bokeh (Coming Soon!)
  5. ISO: It’s Time to get Noisy (Coming Soon!)
  6. Exposure Triangle: Balancing out the Whole Equation (Coming Soon!)
  7. When to Use What: Real Life Examples of When to Use What (Coming Soon!)

Section IV: The Gear

  1. How to Hold a Camera: This May Change Your Life
  2. Recommended Gear: Our All Inclusive Guide (Coming Soon!)

Photo Credits: Doreen Hoerold – Week 51 (2014) – Focus