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Don’t call it a consistency shot

I grew up in a small town in South Africa called Mooi Rivier (‘pretty river’). My father worked for a large conglomerate selling agricultural equipment and my mother was our town’s librarian.

I spent hours in that library paging through the LIFE magazines, reading Wilbur Smith books on the sly and studying a super large art book called something like The Complete Works of Picasso.

We had an amazing art teacher at our primary school (Mrs. Mitchell, I will always love you!) and I knew about the Dutch painters, the Impressionists and of course Picasso’s famous paintings. As I paged through this large book, I was however surprised and a bit disappointed that so many of his drawings and paintings were kinda…well..umm not that spectacular.

I was still too young to know that ANY Picasso is a PICASSO!!

Now that I have started to take part in the 52Frames project, I finally realized that all those drawings and sketches and unfinished paintings were actually quite essential for Picasso. They were his observations and experiments and stepping stones to all the wonderful art that he created.

So dear creative Framers work hard on your photos. Drain your camera’s batteries and fill up the memory cards. Study and experiment and compose and shoot and edit. And again. And again. And when live kicks you in the teeth, like it does for all of us, still go out and shoot and load your photo to the weekly album. But please, please don’t call it a ‘consistency’ photo.

Call it a “I’m-never-giving-up-my-art” photo.

And who knows, maybe one day in a digital library somewhere in a corner of a galaxy, a young child will scroll through an e-book called The Complete Works of..(insert your name). And they will look at one of these photos of yours and the caption will read:

“Although citizen (insert your name) considered this one of her lesser works, history have shown that it was crucial in their development for creating their more well-known and beautiful works.”

-Marina Shemesh, (I think I am a 4X or maybe 3X..(?)…weekly warrior)

*Weekly Warrior – Someone in 52Frames that submits ALL 52 weeks in a row, in a given year.