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  • Leading Lines  - Yaron Maytils - Week 2 (2015)

    Yaron Maytils – Week 2 (2015) – Lines

    The use of leading lines is our favorite technique in adding instant intrigue and balance to your composition. A leading line is simply a line or path that (generally) comes in from one of the edges of your frame – and a photo may have multiple leading lines. A leading line can technically be anywhere in your image, but is often positioned from the corners of your frame.


    We came across this jolly bloke on YouTube and just LOVE his style! You aren’t really taking photos until you are out of breath! Mike explains how to spot all different kinds of leading lines (sometimes referred to as “lead-in lines”) and how to go about shooting them. One of our favorite teachers on YouTube that we’ve found so far; enjoy this great 3-part video series:

    In Part I, Mike teaches us what a leading line is:

    In part II, Mike shows us how to identify leading lines:

    In Part III, he breaks down a scene and shows us exactly what to look for, and what to avoid:

    You can check out Mike Browne over at his website, where he offers a ton of useful video tuts, at our favorite price: free.

    Want more Leading Line inspiration? Check out our Week 2 Challenge (2015): Lines! The “Extra Credit” challenge that week was to find 2 or more leading lines, so the album is chock-full of LL-goodness!


    NEXT UP: An exciting one – Beyond the Rule of Thirds

    Did ya catch the last one? Understanding Balance in Photography





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