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  • Matt Rides - Week 1 (2014): Self Portrait

    Country: USA

    Joined 52Frames: January, 2014
    Website: Flickr Page
    Favorite Color: Red

    What makes you passionate about photography?

    Photography is art. Photography creates images that inspire people, it draws them into a photograph and tells a story. I want to be a part of that process and involve myself in the creation of that story.

    Whose photography most inspires you in 52Frames and why?

    Rudi Bishop –  Because he brings his game every time.
    Kái Jài and Nechama Leitner too, as they both are fantastic portrait and people photographers. I do not enjoy photographing people, I have a tendency to choose subjects that cannot talk back and won’t get upset if the shot doesn’t turn out as planned. But these guys inspire me to try and overcome that and I love their work for doing that.

    What’s in your camera bag?

    Truthfully? My Canon t3i camera and 18-55mm lens. Yes, I have a 30mm 1.4, a 50mm 1.8, and a 100mm Macro 2.8, but most of my shots are taken with the kit lens. It is just versatile enough to get landscape shots and get in closer if i need it.

    I also have a few filters in there in case I need them: a polarizer and an ND filter

    Of course, I also keep gloves in my bag since it hasn’t been above freezing in the last 2 months!

    What’s your favorite part of 52Frames?

    My favorite part is reflecting on the whole process this project puts me through.

    I generally start the week with no idea. Throughout the week I slowly play and toy with some ideas that are just too “bleh” but contemplate them because “I have to shoot something!” and boom, suddenly there is a great idea, and so begins a hectic Saturday night shoot with late night editing.
    Rinse and Repeat.
    But when it works, man, what a feeeeeeling! And when it doesn’t? I feel good that I was productive and learnt how not to shoot something or how I could have better composed, or lit the scene better, it’s all a learning experience.

    What are your 3 favorite shots you’ve submitted to 52Frames? What makes them your favorite? 


    Matt Rides - Week 52 (2014): Artist's Choice

    Matt Rides – Week 52 (2014): Artist’s Choice

    I am drawn to landscape photography. There is nothing like that take-your-breath-away feeling or serenely calm feeling that comes from seeing an awesome scene in real life, and to be able to capture that is a goal of mine.

    Matt Rides - Week 27 (2014): Wet

    Matt Rides – Week 27 (2014): Wet

    I like this photo as it really challenged me to learn my camera settings to try and capture a blink of the eye moment. By the way, the balloon was one of 20 or so exploding balloons that I shot. I never get it right in one shot!

    Matt Rides - Week 9 (2014): On My Plate

    Matt Rides – Week 9 (2014): On My Plate

    I had so much fun shooting this scene. When I reflect on my participation in this project I realized it can become overwhelming at times, so it is really nice to take a step back and do a tongue-in-cheek type shot once in a while.

    What’s the last great tip you learned?

    Layer Masks in Photoshop. If you use Photoshop, learn to layer mask ASAP!

    [Editor’s Note: Now would be a great time to mention that we have an excellent video on how to create layer masks in Photoshop. Check it out!]

    What advice would you give someone just starting out in photography?

    I would seriously recommend shooting in RAW and learning how to post process your photos. Post processing can turn a dull photo into something special (assuming that the photo was composed properly to begin with). The default settings in your camera may be turning what you see into something it thinks you want to see, because the camera is following its own algorithms, when processing an image. Take control of the exposure, color management and more, by utilizing proper post processing!

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