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  • Dalya Holder - Week 7 (2013) - Color

    Dalya Holder – Week 7 (2013) – Color

    How often do you take your camera out to capture a magnificent scene in front of you, only to be underwhelmed once you’re back home and seeing it on your computer monitor? What was bright and brilliant in real life, suddenly seems dull and drab.

    Here are 3 tips to getting that ‘pop’ back into your photo:

    1) Saturate Responsibly.

    We’re always touting the “less is more” mantra here at 52Frames, and saturation is no exception. Color saturation can be overdone very quickly, especially with primary colors like red. Err on the side of subtlety, and use the ‘Vibrance’ slider over the ‘Saturation’ slider in Photoshop or Lightroom. This will enhance the colors that are least saturated in your image, with less of an effect on the more deeply saturated ones. This will give you even saturation across your whole photo.

    Nechama Leitner - Week 44 (2014) - Scary

    Nechama Leitner – Week 44 (2014) – Scary

    2) Saturate Only the Colors you Need to.

    Aaron Nace over at Phlearn has an amazing tutorial on the finer points of the Hue/Saturation adjustment tool, which will give you full control over what specific parts of your image you want to saturate. (start at 1:32)

    3) Use LAB Mode

    We came upon this post from digital-photography-school a number of years back, but the information is just as relevant today. LAB essentially modifies your colors without affecting the lightness of the image, so it’s a much more controlled way of saturating. We’ve put together a Photoshop action for you, that will go through these steps, automatically. Phlearn has a more advanced video on the topic if you’re more ambitious, and want to delve into how LAB Mode really works.

    Rudi B - Week 49 (2014) - Red

    Rudi B – Week 49 (2014) – Red

    These 3 tips are a great start to getting the right amount of color out of your images. Find some success from one of these tips? Let us know in the comments!




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