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  • We won’t lie. We have a bit of a photographer crush on Aaron Nace of phlearn.com. He always has really clear, really easy to follow tutorials about photography and photoshop. In this video, he discusses the Photoshop’s patch tool.

    Photoshop’s patch tool is especially handy when you go photographing out in nature. It’s a handy-dandy way to remove little (or big) distractions in your photo. Say you’re shooting out in the woods behind your house, and you get back to your computer only to discover some litter strewn in the shot, or your neighbor’s window peeking in behind some trees. Use the patch tool, and presto! The clutter is gone!

    This Phlearn tutorial walks you through how to use the patch tool to remove distractions and unwanted elements from a shot, with just a few clicks. Follow along, and before you know it, you’ll be wondering how you ever got along in Photoshop without the patch tool!


    Think this tool will come in handy? Let’s see some distraction-free photos!




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