Lemme shoot! Where do I find this week’s challenge?

You can always find the week’s challenge on this page, along with great tips, tutorials and a look ahead at the coming weeks’ challenges. Bookmark it for easy access!

What’s this “Extra Credit” thing all about?

We’re excited to introduce the “Extra Credit” Challenge. Every week we’ll offer a small twist for more ambitious photographers who want some direction in pushing themselves just a bit harder. Each week, you can decide to take it on, or not. It’s extra credit!

I got my shot! Where do I submit my photo?

Simply go to our Challenge Page, click on the “Submit Your Photo” button towards the bottom of the page, upload your photo, check the appropriate boxes, and submit!

I submitted my photo, but I don’t see it on the site!

Your photos aren’t immediately visible. Once the week’s deadline hits (that’s every Sunday at midnight, Eastern U.S. time), our panel of judges select the week’s winners, and then publish the album on our Facebook page. This may take a few hours, but we’ll make an announcement on our Facebook Group once the album is live! (So make sure you’ve joined the group and liked our page!).

How are the winners chosen?

Bribery, pure and simple. (I kid, I kid.)

There are no real winners and losers here at 52Frames. We do choose 3 photos to highlight in the beginning of the album, which we’ve judged to be the best representatives of our album. We take the judging very seriously (which, incidentally, is sometimes why there are delays posting the album). 52F has a special “committee” of volunteers that have been the project for many years. We consider storytelling, technique, creativity, and the connection between the photo and the week’s challenge. Sometimes we see a fantastic photo that feels like a “shoe-horn” (that’s what we call a photo that doesn’t reeeeally fit the theme), which is ok as a submission, but not for an “top 3 award”.

Art is necessarily a subjective experience, so we try to assemble a panel of judges with different styles, tastes and preferences. Some of the most spirited arguments we’ve ever had were focused on which photograph should “win” a challenge. But we’re still friends. At the end of the day, it’s not about the likes and recognition, but more about submitting a photo, each week, consistently.

I sure would love to see a page of the community guidelines, and rules. Where can I find such a thing?

That wasn’t at all a contrived question that we had our fictional questioner pose! In fact, we do have such a page. Over here.

I have a great photo in my archive that’s PERFECT for this week. Can I submit it?

No. You may ONLY submit a photo that was taken taken during the week of the present challenge.

Can I submit a photo that was shot just a few hours before last week’s deadline?

No. The 52Frames project is a 7-day challenge, so push yourself to get one really creative and inventive shot, each week. The clock starts at 12:01am, each Monday, Eastern U.S. time, and ends at midnight Sunday, the following week. Don’t think too much, just do it. 🙂

Can I change my photo (or photo details) once I’ve submitted?

Yes. (See? It’s not all “no”s).  Simply go to the submission form, and resubmit your photo and information. We will only use the latest submission, but make sure you use the exact same login information. (Note: This process will change once our site moves to the ‘beta’ stage)

When is the deadline for the weekly challenge?

The deadline each week is Sunday night at midnight (11:59pm) Eastern U.S. time. (When in doubt, just google: “What time is it in New York”), but your best bet is simply not to wait until the last minute.

If I miss a week, am I allowed to continue the project?

Yes! But you will no longer be considered a “Weekly Warrior”, and you won’t be eligible for any badges or contests associated with it. While a successful 52-week run is ideal, we understand that life sometimes gets in the way, and it’s more important to just have fun, and post when you can! We believe consistency is the most important thing, so go ahead and submit a photo even if you’re not crazy about it! We’ll understand. (Also, some of the best shots we’ve seen were submitted by completely unenthusiastic members just trying to stay “consistent”).

Can I submit a photo after the deadline?

No. The deadline is a HARD deadline, like a turtle shell, or umm, a very stale piece of bread. Any submission sent in after Sunday 11:59pm Eastern U.S., will NOT be accepted for that week’s album.

I have a tech-related problem, like I’m having trouble submitting my photo, or there’s something wrong with the site. Whom do I contact?

Let me know! You can contact me using this handy-dandy form if you’re having trouble, or ask a question on the 52Frames Photographers’ Facebook group, where you’ll get a quick response! We have a dedicated committee on the group that’s there to help out with any questions or problems you may have!

I want to meet you. Do you have regular meetups “in real life”?

Yes! 52Frames runs monthly “Photowalks” in different cities around the world. Tag Ernst in our Facebook Group and he’ll point you in the right direction!

I have a question that’s not on here, whom do I ask?

If you’re not already in our 52Frames Photographers’ Facebook group, check it out and ask your question there; we’re a very helpful community. You can also contact us using this handy-dandy form if you’re having other trouble.

If you’re looking for our general FAQ section about 52Frames, hop on over to the General FAQ page.


Photo Credit: Sarah Raanan – Week 28 (2014) – Women